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Motor Yacht Galilee  

Many boat lovers have had the dream of one day quitting their job to sail to a far away place. For the vast majority, it is only a dream, but for us, it is a dream coming true.

 For the past 13 years, we have turned our hobby and passion for sailing into a virtual lifestyle. We honestly share the best of all worlds… Winters in the sunny Caribbean, and we follow the summer sun back to our home in Canada.

 Our adventures allow us to discover new places, share in new cultures and make new friends along the way.




A way of life indeed… 

Goodbye to long hot showers…

Goodbye to the convenience of a heavy duty washer and dryer, and no more full turkey diners roasted in a full sized oven.

Missing family, friends and pets..  No longer a simple hop to the corner store for a fresh pint of milk.

 No Wal-Mart, no Costco or Loblaws…




However…  Surrounded by beautiful scenic landscapes…  the pool is opened 24 hours a day (no chlorine, no lifeguard and at own risk). Palm trees and coconuts..  $6 bottles of Rum..  Snorkelling on reefs with more colors than you can imagine.. Romantic outdoor meals while serenaded by the wind and waves, and the glow of the moon.

Although you can’t stock up on your favourite Ben & Gerry’s flavour, you are surrounded by lobsters and shellfish..  We opt for the latter.. (better for Eric’s waistline)  : )

No need for watches, as you live your days from sun up to sun down..  Choosing your clothes according to what’s close, dry or clean (in no particular order).

 We may not be the `Pirates of the Caribbean` but we are living a true adventure!!!

Thank you for visiting our site and please come again soon. We will do our best to add new info regularly.




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