Welcome to our dream and truly well though out Schooner Project. We have, for the past five years, been passionately working on this project. This is our calling and we will make it happen. Our Schooner project entails a three masted, gaff rigged, Schooner of one hundred ten to one hundred thirty five feet long. She will have eight guests’ cabins with crew quarters in the bow section, and the Captain’s quarters in the aft section. She will be equipped with all the most modern safety equipment, ie. life rafts, EPIRB electronic beacon and all the newest navigation equipment. Our project is to take guests and shareholders (which we call guest crew), of experienced and non experienced sailors, and put everyone in a “hands-on” experience aboard this majestic schooner. During aboard time, all guest crew will have the opportunity to take part in the daily operations of a true schooner. The goal is to take everyone out of their daily lives by extracting all guest crew from their usual known surrounding and convert to a zone where there are no cell phones, no daily newspapers, no television, no office calling or office work to be done, just let all the daily pressure slip off and enjoy the moments at hand.  We will fill your time aboard with participation such as hoisting sails the traditional way…no electric winches here, just block and tackle and a little elbow grease, there is no better feeling then being part of the team.  Masts will be climbed, sails will be hoisted, anchors will be raised…as a team! You will feel the lines work their magic on your pencil pushing hands. Guest crew get to take part in assisting at the helm. The rush you will get while having the captain or shipmate next to you as you take hold of the helm of this incredible vessel (to what a Harley Davidson does to a motorcyclist), the same goes for a Schooner, it is legendary and one can only speak of only after you have been aboard, there is no other feeling like it in the world.         


Sail by day and take part in our festivities at night, examples include our Neptune festivity night. The Neptune party is of the calling on the lord of the sea, by all crew members, guests and captain taking part in this festivity. Costumes are already on board and we all dress up and have all blast together, drinking grog or anything your taste desires, singing old songs and laughing as loud as possible, we will be the envy of any anchorage. Of coarse there is the captain’s dinner, where everyone onboard gets to wear their whites. Pirate-buccaneer night where everyone gets to be a pirate of the Caribbean for once in their lifetime. Other nights we bring out all kinds of musical instruments from guitars to bongos with sing alongs, till we all sing our hearts out. Reggae night and so many more, our minds are just full of ideas as to keep as many crew guests involved has much as possible. 


Breakfasts & Lunches will be served aboard as well as on the beach, in some far away places of the beaten path.  Along with great meals steamed up by our resident Galley Wench, or you will be treated to local delicacies prepared by villagers on a variety of stops and can be eaten on the beach, over looking our schooner, anchored in the bay before us. As for dinner watch out!!! Great local island food will be served according to the worldly location we are at that time. Our goal is for the food to be outstanding with taste, but made from local produce.


We want to encourage the local villagers to produce local art and crafts that they could sell or to our guests. This, in our opinion, breads respect and allows for a true Island experience, not a “tourist” experience, as this “relationship” becomes a win-win situation. Anything is possible… We have been actively sailing and exploring the Caribbean ocean in so many places over the past 5 years, with this exact purpose in mind.


Navigation, as much as possible, will be by traditional sail, powered only by the wind. Engine use will be minimized to a need only basis. This is a large disadvantage to most other tall ship companies, as the first complaint from guests we have been meeting ashore is that they never sail, always motoring. The main cause is that they sell a package of destinations and not the experience of sailing in its self. As you can see, we don’t have the same focus as the other tall ship companies; we are one of a kind.


During the first years of operation, the winter months would be spent sailing in the Caribbean ocean and, during the Hurricane season, we would set sail for safe waters like Central to South America or the Mediterranean Sea. After a three year period we would look at entertaining an around the world voyage. This voyage would be pre-sold by sections of sailing itinerary and by duration, during our first years of operation. 


Yes, we are seeking financial aid via, timeshare opportunities and private investors. We already have some ready investors, but still need more. This project has a very clear and structured partnership agreement with great opportunities and benefits. There are many possibilities from small to large, as we have something that will fit any serious investment budget. Available is a professional business plan that goes into to every detail, with the financial numbers. We are not comfortable in publishing this document on the internet and so it is only available in a preauthorized basis from us. If you wish to know more about this great opportunity please contact us via e-mail at WeBeSailing@Yahoo.com and we will gladly contact you to share more information.


Thank you for  taking the time to reading this and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.


Ahoy future mate!!!  


Annie & Capt Eric


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