Come Explore & Chill in the Exuma Islands!

The Exumas are some of the prettiest islands in The Bahamas.

Astronauts could recognize only two sights from space: the Great Wall of China and the crystalline Bahamian waters. The Bahamas has more than 700 islands rimmed by some of the world's most spectacular coral reefs.

The Exumas (pronounced ex-OO-mas) are a hidden treasure: a mostly uninhabited, 120-mile long archipelago of 365 cays that stretch in a narrow crescent southeast from Nassau. In the crystal clear water ranging from pale aqua to deep sapphire, the bottom never seems out of reach. The crown jewel is the Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park, 174 square miles of fish-filled waters and miniscule cays populated with tropical birds, fauna, and the faded ruins of British Loyalist plantations. Anglers will find a haven outside the Park in 6,000-foot depths on the Exuma Sound.

Snorkelers, SCUBA divers, kayakers, and naturalists can explore endless reefs, caves, and mangroves that are brimming with wildlife. From the prehistoric Bahamian Iguanas on Allen's Cay to wild pigs that swim out to greet visitors, the Exumas never cease to thrill.

Fortunately, the intricate shallow reefs that surround the Exumas keep larger and deeper drafted vessels away, leaving these truly virgin islands free of commercial development and cruise ship clutter. The few settlements and marinas have colorful character and island flair. 

Like the rest of the Bahamas, the Exumas have a rather eclectic history. Lucayan Indians inhabited these islands until Columbus' arrival led to their demise. Pirates exploited the hidden anchorages, and British Loyalists grew cotton in its thin soil. Watermen tried their hand at running blockades during The Civil War and rum during Prohibition. A crashed cargo plane at Norman's Cay is a reminder of the area's drug smuggling days. These are truly islands of adventurers!


The islands are a popular spot for yachting, sailing, fishing, diving coral reefs and cave exploring and the cruising grounds around the Exumas Cays are among the finest in the Western Hemisphere - if not the world - for boating.


Crystal waters


Sailors Paradise


The Exumas


Day 1:  You'll arrive at the Nassau Airport.  It's an approximate 15 min. ride by taxi to the Nassau Yacht Haven marina, where you will be greeted by your crew. Make sure to provide us with your flight information so we can track your arrival. 


Our first order of business will be to purchase your required supplies (groceries, beer & wine, etc..), since most shops are closed on Sundays. We will walk the short distance to the shops, gather all required goodies, head back to the boat to stow your purchases.  Once this is done, we will all sit together with a nice cocktail and brief you on the upcoming itinerary and events of the week. After which, we can either sit back and relax with a nice meal onboard, or you can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening enjoying the many diversions that Paradise Island and the Atlantis world-class resort (from full casino gambling, to the themed water park, to the giant aquariums and lagoons) has to offer. Weather and time permitting, we may leave the docks that very day


Day 2:  Say goodbye to civilization and crowds, as we leave Nassau and set a course for the out-islands of the Exumas.  We'll make a first stop at Rose Island in time for lunch, after which we can snorkel, fish or spend some time on the white sugar soft sandy beaches. A great first stop to accustom you to your “new Island way of life” for the upcoming week. We’ll have a great meal on the aft deck and will admire the millions of bright stars overhead. Who knows... maybe we’ll eat the first fish you catch!! There’s nothing better than catching your own dinner!!


Day 3: We will weigh anchor bright and early to set sail for Norman's Cay to arrive around lunch time. Norman’s Cay is a lovely Bahamian island with palm tree lined the beaches, which also served as the headquarters for Carlos Lehder drug-smuggling operation from 1978 to around 1982. As part of the Medellín Cartel, he used it as a base for smuggling cocaine into the United States.

After lunch there will be plenty of time to visit the ruins of Lehder’s operations and to snorkel around the nearby plane wreck.

For supper, what better place to enjoy a “Cheesebuger in Paradise” but at the MacDuff’s Island restaurant (

The waters are so clear... If you’re lucky, you may see a sea turtle or some manta rays swim by..



 McDuff’s Island restaurant

Day 4-5: This is a day you will remember forever. Wardrick Wells will be our destination for the next couple days.  Established as a Land and Sea Park in the mid-1980s, it is a true, Caribbean paradise, with hiking trails and fantastic snorkelling grottos.  Here you’ll get to see all the exotic species of fish and wildlife the Caribbean has to offer, including spiny lobster, reef sharks, barracudas, parrot fish, sergeant majors and a plethora of thousands of other colourful reef friends.  This place is so cool. At low tide, the mooring field is the only place afloat. As you see in this picture, both sides of the channel dry at low tide.

The birds will even eat right out of your hands!!

warderwick wells



The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the first of its kind in the world, is famous for its pristine beauty, outstanding anchorages and breathtaking marine environment. Under its transparent turquoise waters are beautiful natural gardens of coral teeming with fish and lobster.

It’s the kind of place where the beaches are made of “Velcro”. They make you want to stick around for a long, long time.  We’ll reluctantly leave this paradise island in the early afternoon of the 5th day, to head for either Allan’s Cay, Highbourne Cay or Shroud Cay for a safe evening anchorage.


Day 5-6 : We’ll spend the morning hours on either of the 3 cay. You'll feel like Charles Darwin as you step ashore on Allen's Cay to interact with the iguanas. Shroud Cay is another perfect spot for a beach picnic. Odds are great that you'll be the only people on this uninhabited island - an ideal place for exploring, as well as riding the waverunners through the mangroves and rivers on the island. Highbourne Cay has more lovely beaches to offer as well as some awesome fishing. After lunch, we will weigh anchor and head back to Rose Island, so we can spend a last night under the stars before your return to civilization.

 Iguanas on Allan’s Cay


Day 7: As you cruise back to Nassau this is the perfect time to relax ondeck with a good book, or just put he finishing touches on a week-long full body tan.  We'll be back to Nassau with plenty of time to enjoy the giant aquarium, water slides @ Atlantis, local island shops and, of course, take another hand at the casino.  After a full week of relaxing, indulging in incredible cuisine prepared by your personal Chef, snorkelling and exploring, you can return home refreshed and looking forward to your next charter adventure in the beautiful Exuma Islands!


If you choose to lengthen your trip, we have many additional Cays we'd like to share with you. Like Staniel Cay, where we can snorkel the infamous “Thunderball” caves, as seen in the James Bond movies. And Big Major, where you can see the island pigs come swim out to you.

Flight returns are possible from both Staniel Cay and Georgetown in the lower Exumas, so please inquire and we will be happy to customize your itineraries.

 Swimming pigs at Big Major's